WeOCR service : general help

How to use this service

  1. Make a document image, using an image scanner, a screen capture software, etc. Typical scanning resolution is from 200dpi to 400dpi.
  2. Clip a text block in the scanned image.
    You may skip this step, if an automatic layout analysis is supported on the server.
  3. Convert the image into a binary image if possible. A clear B/W image is preferable.
    You should skip this step if the OCR engine used on this server has a special preprocessor for color and/or grayscale images.
  4. Save the image in one of BMP, JPEG, PBM/PGM/PPM formats.
  5. Select the image file on the WeOCR server's top page, and press "Recognize" button. You will see the results of character recognition on the Web browser's screen.
    The processing time varies depending on the load and speed of the server.


WeOCR server's top